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The 'Music from the Torah' Software

Music from the Torah is a totally unique project.  By mapping Biblical text directly to musical notes, it can generate an almost infinite series of tuneful and relaxing melodies, limited only by the users imagination. 

Music from the Torah can be considered as the musical equivalent of a Kaleidoscope, producing a series of melodies or patterns in music rather than patterns in light.  Click here for a short sample of a melody directly produced by this software and here for a somewhat livelier track with some post processing performed.

As a Bible Study tool, you can select a verse and start the music playing whilst watching the highlight move through the Hebrew text and viewing the English translation.

As Music Generation Software, just set up the note mapping and let the software run.  When you hear something that you want to work on, just rewind, note the starting position and save as a Midi file for later editing.

Make no mistake, Music from the Torah is totally unique and will amaze you in what it can do.

Check out The Utterance for details about a project that used this software in helping to create their CD.

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Music From The Torah: Instant Download

Download 'Music from the Torah' directly from our secure server for a saving of $16.00 over the cost of the CD-ROM version.
Click Here to purchase online for Immediate Download  
Download Instructions will be sent in a return e-mail

(Please note that your PC needs a sound card to use this software, see below for system requirements).

Music from the Torah: Software and Melodies on CD-ROM

Music from the Torah is available on CD-ROM.  The CD-ROM comes complete with the Music from the Torah software for the PC and 3 sample melodies that can be played on any CD player.  The cost is US$29.95 plus $4.00 postage and handling to anywhere in the world.  You may order securely via the PayPal Payment Processor or click here to use our secure express credit card order form.

  Music from the Torah on CD-ROM: US$29.95 + $4.00 p&h.

Music From The Torah: Individual Tracks Available

The track "Which I Commanded" is a full CD quality track of 3 minutes 30 seconds in length.  Sequenced from Genesis Chapter 3, verse 17, letter 33, the Hebrew text reads "Which I commanded thee", thus providing the name of this musical sequence.   This track is available as an MP3 file for purchase by download and is the same as one on the CD.  Click here to download the complete track for US$1.89.

Main Features

The major features of the Music from the Torah software are as follows:

  • Pre-saved schemes allow melody generation directly after installation.
  • Maps Hebrew Letters to Musical Notes (No knowledge of Hebrew required).
  • Full 16 channel Midi Sequencer.
  • Allows selection of any of the 128 Midi instruments per channel.
  • Individual tuning of channels on a semi-tone basis.
  • Selectable tempo and beats per measure.
  • Common chords and scales built in, and many not so common.
  • Selection of stereo panning and volume on a per channel basis.
  • Midi driver allows control of external synthesisers as well as PC sound cards.
  • Great 'Save to File' feature.  Export a standard Midi file to play on any compatible equipment.
  • 'Schemes' feature allows saving of favourite setups.
  • Master volume control allows setting of overall volume.

Screen Shots of the Music from the Torah software

This is the main window of the Music from the Torah software.  This view shows the Hebrew letter to musical note mapping as well as a few other controls.

Main Window


This view shows the dynamic text window.  As the music plays the current character of the Hebrew text is highlighted.  An English translation is also provided, so you can read the text and hear the music simultaneously.

Dyamictext.gif (6874 bytes)


This view shows the note editor screen.  Each Hebrew letter may have a note, with or without chord, and channel assigned to it, even the key velocity may be set.  The option is also available to assign a percussion instrument to any letter, should it be required.

notesel.gif (24828 bytes)


Minimum system requirements

The Music from the Torah software will run correctly on your PC if you have at least the following:

Windows 95 or later
100Mhz Pentium with at 16 Megabytes RAM
Sound card with Midi interface
Hard disk with at least 20 Megabytes available
Minimum screen resolution of 800*600

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