JFK Assassination

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The JFK Assassination

This page has a few matrixes that would seem to appertain to the JFK Assassination and the associated "Conspiracy Theory".

A compact matrix indicating "John Kennedy Executed".
This matrix expands to the one shown at the bottom of this page.
kennedy1.gif (1720 bytes)
Note the wording of this one "They Killed Kennedy", "They" not "He".  Oswald doesn't even get a mention. kennedy3.gif (1380 bytes)
Bear in mind the David Atlee Phillips is a prime candidate of many conspiracy theorists for being involved in any conspiracy that they say may have taken place to assassinate JFK. 

Note that in the top to top-right of the matrix that ATLEE crosses though verses that deal with the betrayal of Jesus, note especially the 'thirty pieces of silver' mentioned through the name 'ATLEE'.  Note also that one of the JOHN's starts co-incident with the 'J' of Jesus, making the connection between the betrayee's.

The verse that runs a few lines under the top horizontal occurrence of ATLEE states "And when they were assembled with the elders, and had taken counsel, they gave large money unto the soldiers".  Conspiracy and payment in advance perhaps?

Another connection is the fact that the 'Bubble Roof' was not put onto the Presidential Limousine for this fatal trip.  Notice the phrase "They uncovered the roof where he was".

So here we have a conspiracy to betray and kill, the name of a president that was executed (sorry assassinated), and the full surname of a supposed member of the conspiracy, all in the same matrix.

kennedy4.gif (36383 bytes)

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